Parking Options

We appreciate the effort it takes for you to come into the city and park to see us.

For suture removal and wound check visits, there are a few free 30-minute loading zone spots directly in front of our office (in front of the small planters).  Please read signs carefully.

There are 3 other parking options:

1) Street parking- $1.60/hour: Street parking is usually available around our office. Please see below for details about best place to find street parking.

2) Flat rate valet parking- $15: We arranged for discounted valet parking for $15 at the Sheraton Hotel next door.  We highly recommend this option for Mohs surgery patients.  It is the least expensive parking option and the most convenient.  We do not recommend self-parking at the Sheraton Hotel.

3) Self-Parking- $10-$23: If you would like to self-park, there are 2 garages to choose from. The one across the street is more convenient, but more expensive (up to $23) than the garage ($10 flat rate) that is a 5-minute walk to the office.  We recommend valet parking (option #2 above) instead of self-parking.  

For details about all these parking options, please see below.

Valet Parking


We have arranged for discounted valet parking for our patients next door at the Sheraton Hotel.  We highly recommend this for Mohs surgery patients.
$15 flat rate.

Enter the driveway circle from 16th street just past our office on the left or enter from 17th street
(hotel entrance).

Pull up to the main door of the hotel as if you were staying at the hotel and tell the attendant you are a Dermatology of
Philadelphia patient.

Garage Parking

Self-park Garage
Option 1- CLOSEST ($$)
Across street from the office


Gateway Parking Garage
1540 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA


Entrances on Spring
and 16th Streets

Garage is directly across
16th Street from our office

Up to 20 minutes: $5
Up to 1 hour: $12
Up to 2 hours: $22
Up to 10 hours: $23

Self-park Garage
Option 2- CLOSEST ($)
Across street from the office

Callowhill Garage
411 N 17th St.
Philadelphia, PA

$10 flat

Enter from 17th Street
(corner of 17th & Callowhill)

This garage is across Vine Street. It is a 5 minute walk from our office. Ask for Moussa at the garage and he’ll point you in the right direction!​

Flat rate: $10 all day

Street Parking


There is good street parking around the office along Race Street, Callowhill Street, Vine Street, and 16th and 17th Streets NORTH of Vine Street

There are longer term meters (3-4 hours) along Vine Street and on all the streets North of Vine Street.

If you are coming up 16th Street, our office will be on the left. Drive across Vine Street and pick any street spot there.

Please be mindful of parking time limits.

You may want to download the MeterUp App below to pay using your smartphone. You can extend the time limit for your parking spot right from your phone!